3 Reasons to Visit Japan

Not very long ago, Japan was occupied by the United Kingdom for about 2 million years. During this time, Japan developed into a strong and unique civilization that is comparable to the Sphinx of Ancient Egypt. Unlike the United States, Japan has a developed economy with a per capita GDP of about 40 times that of the United States. Yet, you ask – “Why should I visit Japan?” Here are the 3 reasons that make it just as beautiful and worthwhile a visit as any of the countries below:

1) The people are as varied as every other country. The citizens of Japan are no less warm and friendly than the people we have here in the States. Indeed, you could assume that the residents of Japan think you are wonderful, just like they think you are wonderful.

2) knots and sushi. Japan has a burgeoning sushi industry that has expanded its horizons in gourmet foods. You will find many young people in Japan who haven’t had sushi for years. Well, when they speak to you, they are going to tell you that you have to try some sushi, you’ll be glad you did.

3) Music. Japan is the birthplace of many musical genres. Folk music and traditional music both have their roots in Japan. You will hear the different styles seeping through the framework of a traditional music mix. Likewise, you will hear jazz and folk.

4) Shops. The streets of Japan are full of lovely shopping centers. The center of Tokyo is lined with over a hundred of these shops. You will find boutiques, large department stores, and shopping malls all in the same area. All you have to do is figure out where you want to go, buy, and relax.

5) Tasteful hangouts. More often than not, establishments in Japan go to greater lengths to cater to patrons who are young and attractive. While there are many nightlife venues, these hangouts are usually filled with young people and students studying at the local University of Tokyo. This is not to say that there isn’t any nightlife to be found, as there nearly always are. But keep in mind, you won’t find the megaumedic malls filled with young people. weights are kg and people go to sleep early. There are plenty of bars and cafes to choose from, so you won’t find youralleague in the bars.

Taking a trip to Japan is exactly the kind of adventure you should have when living in the west. You will find yourself amongst a population of people who hold values that are so foreign to you. You will experience a completely different way of living and a different culture. What you will quickly figure out, however, is that you will need to go with the flow. You need to experience a comfortable flow all your own. Don’tdy out when you are uncomfortable. Instead, go with the flow and be content to enjoy the pace that lifeboat Japan seems to have. Exerts don’t last forever, so you might as well as start now.