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Personalized Hiring Party Group Consignment Services

If your business is high-end and your hiring group is large, a personalized group concierge service can make your business process much more manageable. By assisting with the organization of events, seminars and conferences, as well as handling bookings of hotels and rentals, you will be able to focus on the important elements that matter to your business, without the hassle and stress of booking and logistics.

Personalized Services

Determine the size of your group and what it would take to effectively hire a small group for your business. If you can afford a larger group, Travel Planner can help your group plan events, select lodging, make reservations and organise activities. A concierge specialist will work with you and help your group set up an effective travel plan, while!.

Booking groups

If you are looking to book a business meeting or group of business leaders, Travel Planner can book your group for a discounted rate. If they are booking a group of engineers, doctors, accountants, bosses or politicians, they will research the most suitable venue in your city, and contact you when they have found one.

Researching Venues

Determine the number of people in your group and what the attendance expectation is. While a business meeting is a good place for a small group to gather, a banquet or lunch meeting will probably be better, as your guests can eat in cheap at a local restaurant, and meet with other business people on the trip. Don’t book a venue with a very high attendance rate, and try to match the number of people with the right size of venue. A restaurant with 15-20 patrons spill over into a cramped meeting room, you might need only 5-10 patrons to satisfy your business needs. Queues can be extremely long, so you might want to settle for a larger room if the head of the meeting room can provide a table for everyone in the group.


Determine if the meeting will be a business or non-profit meeting. If it is a business meeting, the majority of the planning will take place when the client arrives. Planning can become overwhelming, and many meetings are not well planned. The business world has specific standards of etiquette and business etiquette that must be adhered to at all times. Planning a meeting with outside companies can add to the complexity of the planning process. You will, however, find that if you do everything correctly, the attendance will be in higher numbers.